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A man rises from personal tragedy to lead a group of children from a refugee camp to victory, transforming their lives through the game of cricket.

Director: Girish Malik
Writer: Bharti Jakhar, Girish Malik
Stars: Sanjay Dutt, Nargis Fakhri, Rahul Dev
genre:Action, Drama, Sport
Runtime: 2h 12min

Torbaaz Full Movie Free Download

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Torbaaz free download movie There are no winners in a war, because innocent lives are always lost regardless of who wins. But who is the most affected? The answer is, children. Those who do not know what caused the devastation and whose future is formed by the trauma they experienced in front of the war. But then there is always hope. Sanjay Dutt-Starrer Torbaaz, which is transmitted in Netflix, is a story of this hope, which helped a group of children in Afghanistan refugee camps, dream and strive for a bright future.

Directed by Girish Malik, Torbaaz is at the current Afghanistan time, which is affected by the Battle of Arms between the Taliban and the NATO forces. It is the country of thousands of children who have lost their families and loved ones in this endless war and are now residing in poorly equipped refugee camps with the support of several NGOs. But history begins in 2007 when the Taliban began to use children, as young as 10, as suicide terrorists to achieve their bad reasons. They washed them in the name of religion and jihad, and trained them to become Fedayeens (people who are sacrificed).

Sanjay Dutt is a retired officer, Naseer, who served in the Indian army as a doctor. Once he was published in Kabul, where he lost his wife look and son Aryan in a Fidayeen attack. While in Afghanistan, his wife had begun an NGO that worked for people affected by war. Therefore, despite not having a will to return to Afghanistan, when it is called the country again by Ayesha (played by Nargis Fakhri) to see how the NGO works, it could not say no. Upon his return, he faces the harsh reality of how young children are used as suicide bombers in Afghanistan. So think about a plan to help these children washed in the brain on the right path. And guesses what, Cricket helps him to do so.

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