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A robotics company teams up with a corrupt CIA agent undergoing an illegal, unsanctioned military operation. Dropping four prototype robots into a suspected drug manufacturing camp in the Golden triangle that no one will miss. The mission is to prove the robotics company is worthy of winning a lucrative military contract. Six doctors on a good cause witness the brutal slaughter of an innocent village and are forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse as they become the new targets.

Director:Mark Toia

Writers:Mark Toia

Stars: Neal McDonough, Brett Tutor, Jose Rosete

Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date:8 December 2020 (USA)


Runtime:2h 11min

monsters of man Full Movie Free Download

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monsters of man Movie Free Download

Monsters of Man free download movie You were done by humans to afflict death! “11:11 ENT. He has debuted a second Radess trailer for an indie Sci-Fi action film titled Men’s Monsters, Other Dark, Robots-Will-Kill-Kill-Kill-Kill-US-All Kill-Shan- All Kill-Down-All Kill-All Kill-Shan-All Kill. This movie is. This is going on VOD everywhere this week, therefore, the final trailer to remind us. A robotic company adapts to a corrupt cyc agent that fell four prototype robots into a suspicious drug camp in the Golden Triangle.

Six doctors in a good cause mission, the brutal massacre of an innocent town and is forced to a mortal cat & mouse as They become new goals. ” In its impressive directional debut, TEIA combines a non-stop action with the powerful special effects to explore the AI, corruption, and the terrifying possibilities of the future. Warfare. “The movie is in the movie Neal McDonough, Jose Rosete, Jessica Blackmore, and Kayli Tran, described as” Predator meets Robocop “, he looks intense and Gnarly and brutal, but I hope there are more than just some murderous robots. Without it, However, it becomes out, I just have to see this at least once.

In a terrifying vision of artificial intelligence, sci-fi thriller monsters reveal the consequences of unmarked power and robots that have advanced beyond human control. When a corrupt agent (McDonough) adapts to a robotic company to implement an illegal military operation and insist, the plan is to reduce four prototype robots into a suspected drug manufacturing camp in the golden triangle that no one will lose.

The mission is to show that the robotic company is worthy of winning a lucrative military contract, but everything is horribly wrong when the six American volunteer doctors are witnessing the brutal killing of an innocent people and are forced to a mortal game of cat and mouse As long as they become the next. objectives. The man’s monsters are directed by the acclaimed Australian filmmaker Mark Tieia, which makes his directional debut characteristic after becoming one of the most successful television directors in the world; But he has never directed any film before this one. 11:11 Entertainment will release the Toia Monsters of Man monsters directly to VOD as of December 8 of this month. Visit the official website of the movie. Planning to look?

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