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Life in a Year free download movie The cinema has a long tradition of tragic romances.

While there is an inherent melancholy to the inevitable result, they do not need to be depressing.

The penalty is part of life, and a healthy exploration of pain can be significant for the spectators, whether they have experienced losses, or inevitably, at some point in their lives.

Jaden Smith is the last film Hearthrob to experience pain in a year. Jaden Smith tries to live life in a year “ Daryn (Smith) is a star of the high school track with ambitions for Harvard.

Or rather, his father Xavier (Cuba Gooding Jr.) has a plan for Daryn.

When Daryn meets Isabelle, rejects the planning for the future and the questions that the future Daryn has planned. Isabelle is not the usual Pixie Dreamgirl, a role of Dellevingne even played before in paper cities.

This time, Isabelle literally has a time limit.

She has terminal cancer with a year to live at most.

Then, while Daryn is planning her future, Isabelle can only take full advantage of the time she has gone. Daryn comes up with the idea of ​​living an entire life with Isabelle in the year he has gone.

Plan an experience with a milestone for each day, applying your planning to an unconventional effort. Isabelle also surprises Daryn, and fight with him.

It is not your plan, but she offers you an opportunity, and those who do not come to time.

Life in a year makes a valid point that planning is so useful, as it prepares it to take advantage of opportunities on your way.


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