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A newly married couple's life falls in jeopardy when the wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Detained by cops in a fictional Middle East country named Noman, Sameer Choudhary (Vidyut Jammwal) agrees to reveal everything that led to his arrest, to I.K

Mishra (Ikhlaque Khan), an Indian embassy official

A flashback unfolds, where Sameer is a qualified software engineer and a software businessman who marries a woman named Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) in 2007

Their lives turn upside down when a financial crisis in 2008 leaves them both jobless

Three months later, they get jobs in Noman with the help of Nadeem (Vipin Sharma), an employee at Ansaar Overseas Recruitment

Nargis leaves first and Sameer stays so that he can arrive once his documents are ready in a few days

After her arrival in Noman, Nargis calls Sameer and says that someone was kidnapping her and she pleads for help

Sameer interrogates Nadeem with the help of cops and arranges for travel to Noman, and upon his arrival meets Usman Hamid Ali Murad (Annu Kapoor), a taxi driver who drives him to a convenience store

After exchanging money and buying a local SIM card, Sameer dials every number provided by Nadeem but none is reachable

He asks Usman to take him to the address given by Nadeem but learns there's no such address

Usman takes Sameer to the police station, where Sameer learns on phone that Nadeem has gone missing

With cops not helping him, Sameer approaches the Indian embassy where a woman agrees to contact a higher official

Soon, Sameer poses as the member of a telecom company and acquires the address of the person from whose phone Nargis contacted him

Learning the man is named Shirazi, Sameer goes to his address but doesn't find him

Later, Usman and Sameer learn from the former's friend about Shirazi's involvement in flesh trade

Sameer visits brothels with Usman in search of Nargis and finds her in one, but as she recognizes him, Sameer is attacked by the owners and undergoes a violent transformation as he kills a lot of men in the ensuing fight, followed by a car chase that ends with a crash and his arrest while an injured Usman is admitted to hospital. Back to present, as Sameer has finished narrating this to the official, he is approached by a Nomani cop named Faiz Abu Malik (fake name: Mr

Rai) (Shiv Panditt) who decides to help him with his team, including officer Tamena Hamid (Aahana Kumra)

Together, they view the CCTV footage of Noman airport where they see Nargis arriving and then entering a black van, outside which a mysterious bald man is seen

The bald man is soon revealed to be Iztek Regini, an Algerian modelling coordinator who, on the other hand, orders the killing of Nargis

Soon, Faiz and Tamena come across a badly burnt corpse and believe it to be Nargis

Sameer refuses to believe it's her, but looking at her pendant, he is shattered

Following her funeral, Sameer is handed over compensation and tickets to India

In the meantime, Tamena learns Nargis is alive and the corpse they found was of a different woman

She and Faiz try to find Sameer, before learning he never boarded the flight

Now willing to seek revenge, Sameer posts a resume as a Muslim woman to meet Iztek and arranges a gun

Disguised as a Muslim woman, Sameer arrives at Iztek's house and holds him on gunpoint

The two violently fight, with Sameer about to kill Iztek before the latter reveals Nargis is alive and the corpse was a decoy

Soon, Faiz and Tamena, who've told Usman about Nargis being alive, arrive along with him and confirm the same

However, Faiz is revealed to be Iztek's ally after he takes the gun from Sameer and gets into a fight with Tamena

Tamena subdues Faiz long enough to allow Sameer to escape, including Nargis and other women to escape, along with an injured Usman who gets shot in the leg while climbing onto the truck

Faiz kills Tamena and frames Sameer

An ensuing chase leaves Iztek dead

While Faiz meets a criminal who is his crime partner and the boss of Iztek

This is photographed by an undercover agent who exposes Faiz

As Sameer drives the truck to the ISA headquarters where Mishra is in a meeting with the ISA commander, he is captured and held on gunpoint by Faiz, before his betrayal is revealed by the commissioner who orders his men to stand down

Sameer and Faiz engage in a fistfight where Sameer beats Faiz down

Nargis and other women are freed and Tamena is given a State funeral

Faiz wakes up in a pound in the middle of a desert in front of a Firing Squad for his crimes

He tries to reason with them, and then starts cursing the guards before they shoot him to death

In the end, A recovering Usman meets the couple and expresses his desire to visit India some day

He glances at Nargis before blessing them as they depart for India by saying "Khuda Haafiz" with a smile.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, War

Release Date:August 14, 2020

Stars:Vidyut jamamwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Annu Kapoor

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