Fzmovies new update

Suprised by FZmovies new look? Well Our technical team has been working day and night to improve fzmovies usability and UI(user interface), the goal is to make fzmovies easier and enjoyable to use in downloading and streaming movies, After many months of hard work we have achieved the goal, Fzmovies now has a new wonderful look and a new domain Xampop.

The updated version of Fzmovies can only be accessed on www.xampop.com and no where else beware of fzmovies cloned sites!.

Fzmovies Update doesnt only come with a new look and domain, we have also improved usability, reduced ads, and added a live chat system where our wonderful users can contact us and request for new movies , We are live 24/7 so chats will be replied as fast as possible, Wonderful right?

Well thats not all we also removed popunders from movie pages so users can now download movies without hassle, also redirects has been removed from our site too, now you can enjoy the wonderful features of fzmovies without annoying ads

How to download movies using Fzmovies updated version

Due to the changes on our site, some users may be confused on how to use the latest version of fzmovies to download movies, Well worry less cause we got your back, i have created a complete detailed guide on how to download movies from the new version of fzmovies